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Why Study in the USA?

Apart from the fact that USA is the largest economy with the best facilities for international students. Deciding to study in USA universities is the best career decision anyone can have make. USA universities are top university and best around the world thereby making it a good choice for students to study abroad.

The United States is the most popular destination for international students. It has thousands of accredited colleges and universities renowned for choice, quality and flexibility to change fields of study and schools.

Benefits of Studying in Canada

Are you in doubt why you should study in US, here are some reasons why you should study in the US:

  • COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE: Top students of the world try for admission into top universities and are taught by best professors along with latest techniques and infrastructures. The emphasis is in developing Critical Thinking which is amongst the most important parameter in real time job Scenario.
  • COURSE CURRICULUM: USA has amalgamated the needs of industry in its education system. Very often Universities have industry leaders as their board members or advisory counsel. This is to ensure that the University curriculum is in sync with the real time requirements. The curriculum is constantly updated therefore resulting in gradates who are ready to join the work force.
  • RESEARCH FACILITIES & TECHNOLOGY: 80% of Nobel laureate are part of USA educational system in different roles. This imparts a unique opportunity for every student to be part of research projects and get first-hand experience of cutting edge technology. Deserving students are made part of ongoing research which not only gives them confidence but also prepare them for challenges ahead.
  • SAFETY & FACILITIES FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: Its among the safest destination and provides all the amenities required for a new student coming from abroad. Most universities have specialized security for campus who secure the entry and exit points and man the campus area regularly.
  • FUNDING OPPORTUNITIES: Most university provide grants as scholarships/Assistantships/fellowships etc for deserving students. This provides an opportunity for the students to work closely with professors and get an insight into work and research methodology.
  • WORK PERMITS & JOB OPPORTUNITIES: Optional Practical Training (OPT) is provided for all students which gives them an opportunity to practice their skills in USA itself, which often results in them getting Work visas [H1]. The students are also eligible for Curriculum Practical Training [CPT] after studying for 2 semesters i.e. Fulltime internships in the students area of expertise.

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